Welcome to Hidden Treasure!

Are you looking for that special experience? Would you like to discover Thailand from a completely different view of fascination and bliss?

Flat tourism just isn’t your thing? Do you prefer a personal, exclusive travel companion, that takes you to places that sometimes even the locals are not aware of?

Then you are exactly at the right place here!

With Hidden Treasure you discover the
secret Tips of tomorrrow!

Traveling with Hidden Treasure means individuality, recreation, adventure and experiences that you will not forget all too soon.

Hidden Treasure Bangkok

You think you know Bangkok? Then let us convince you of the opposite. We will show you the city from a completely different side!

Hidden Treasure Islands

Take a break from everyday life and think about nothing or enjoy exceptional activities on the islands? Your Choise!

Hidden Treasure Expedition

If you’re looking to explore, then you’ve come to the right place. We accompany you to your adventures that you will never forget.


Travel different with

Hidden Treasure

Imagine that you arrive at the airport in Thailand, are personally picked up, and already receive the first positive surprise, are accompanied to the car and after you have recovered a little from the journey, the adventure of a lifetime beginns!

With the speedboat to a remote island, into the nightlife in Bangkok … everything is possible!

The respective travel package will be planned and coordinated with you. Therefore, searching for a booking form here is in vain. Everything is individual. Talk to us and tell us how you imagine your dream vacations to be. After consultation, we will send you your personal travel documents.


    An expedition far away from any tourist routes, a personal sightseeing trip, exploring and staying on a desert island or rather diving into the vibrant nightlife?

    Decide for yourself what the destination should be as well as the duration of your trip. As Thailand experts, we are happy to make suggestions.

    We are very different from other travel agencies and are well connected in Thailand. All excursion destinations have been personally researched and tested. Already now, at the beginning of our career, we can look back on satisfied customers who would like to recommend us.

    That’s exactly what we want! We want you to come back as friends to spend time together. Because time is the most valuable thing we have. That is our definition of wealth!

    Quality Time by Hidden Treasure

    Become rich in experiences and impressions that will give you strength when you are back home. To give you a feeling for your trip, we have prepared 3 categories for you:

    Hidden Treasure Bangkok

    You think you know Bangkok? Then let us convince you of the opposite. We will show you the city from a completely different side! Dive in with us, in the city that never sleeps. An adventure that you will never forget.

    Daytime Bangkok

    For day trips, we accompany you to different places of interest, where we explicitly get to know the local culture, mentality, and tradition.

    Bangkok Activities

    We offer and accompany you to various activities and relaxations. The city has much to offer. Tell us about your preferences. Also, there is a lot of culinary to discover.

    Hidden Treasure Islands

    Island Paradise

    Take a break from everyday life and think about nothing. Enjoy the "HERE & NOW"! Fantastic beaches and bays invite you to relax. Always in hands reach away, the snorkeling equipment.

    The underwater world should not be missed under any circumstances. Even a small look under the water surface is worthwhile.

    Island Activities

    Exceptional activities await you on the islands. You decide for yourself what you feel like doing.

    For you, we will make "almost" anything possible.



    Hidden Treasure Expedition

    If you're looking to explore, then you've come to the right place. We accompany you to your adventures that you will never forget.

    From, through the jungle to a hidden waterfall, to a boat trip to remote places on the coast.

    Why do not you let your dreams come true? Simply priceless …


    Still skeptical because you are worried about traveling to a faraway country where you do not speak the language?

    At Hidden Treasure, you have a guide. Owner Tiho Romic always accompanies you personally!

    He speaks 4 languages: German, English, Croatian, Thai.

    He is psychologically trained and has been a security expert for years in Switzerland and other countries.


    About Us

    Owner and founder of Hidden Treasure is Tiho Romic, 45 years old and a native of Croatia. He worked internationally as a security expert for many years, before moving his focus to Thailand more than 10 years ago. The country fascinated him so much that he set the goal to get to know the country. His passion hasn't left him since.

    He traveled from north to south and discovered fabulous places - Hidden Treasures. Tiho has worked very intensively with the country and people. His love for the Thai mentality, culture, and sensational fawn and flora have never left him.

    Now it's time to share it, that's how Hidden Treasure came into being. Why not share the precious time and happiness with people who deserve it? That is true wealth.

    Hidden Treasure stands for seeing people happy and sharing spiritual wealth.

    You do not have to fully understand this attitude yet.
    By the time you spend a few days here, you will!

    Tiho Romic